What’s Up With The Fall Chinook this year?

What’s Up With The Fall Chinook this year?

Curious what’s up with the Fall Chinook fish count? Just in case you missed this recent article about the Fall Chinook in the South Fork of the Trinity River, here is the Trinity Journal Link, and PDF of the article to read as well. Enjoy!

                                                 “What’s up with the South Fork Chinook this year?”                                                 from the Trinity Journal December 12, 2018

You can also read it by visiting the Trinity River, CA Facebook Page

Or click on this PDF link: Final_Draft_FishSurveyArticlebyAmandaBarragar

USFS Fisheries Biologist, Amelia Fleitz & Members of the Conservation Corps Watershed Stewards Program, Skylar Roe and Andrew Schwitzgebel


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