Recommended Spring Flow Releases on the Trinity River

Recommended Spring Flow Releases on the Trinity River

The Trinity Management Council (TMC) has recommended that flow releases from Lewiston Dam to the Trinity River begin on Sunday, April 14, and will follow two possible release schedules depending on the 2019 water year designation.  

In a “normal” water year, the peak flow will reach approximately 10,500 cubic feet per second (cfs) on April 30, with smaller peaks of 7,600 cfs on April 18 and 5,500 cfs on May 19.  In a “wet” water year, the peak will reach approximately 11,000 cfs on April 29, with smaller peaks of 10,000 cfs on April 17 and 7,200 cfs on May 18.  The final schedule is expected to be approved by April 12.

People residing near the river or recreating on the river can expect river levels to rise and should take appropriate safety precautions.  Landowners are advised to move personal items away from the river prior to the flow releases.

Under both schedules, flows will begin ramping down by June 24 until the summer base flow of 450 cfs is reached on July 29 in a “normal” year, or on August 5 in a “wet” year.

Click TMC Recommended Spring Flow Release 4:5:19 to read the full report.

More information on the Trinity River Record of Decision can be found at

Once approved, a daily flow release schedule will be available at  Public may subscribe to automated notifications (via phone or email) of Trinity River release changes.  The flow release schedule will also be posted at the Trinity River Restoration Program office, located at 1313 South Main Street, Weaverville.

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