Decision Support System Workshop – March 29-31

Decision Support System Workshop – March 29-31

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Interested in the science of the Trinity River?  Don’t miss the upcoming Decision Support System Workshop at the end of March in Weaverville.

When: March 29, 30 and 31, 2016
Where: Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, Weaverville, CA

The workshop will consist of oral presentations and panel discussions related to four key elements: 1) providing background on DSS and example applications, 2) communicating the status of DSS development for the TRRP and how it can be used in the near term to support decision making, 3) identifying and initiating an approach to resolve key organization and administrative challenges to DSS development and 4) initiating next steps recommended by the Science Advisory Board for implementation of a DSS such as a work plan, schedule, and identifying task leaders.

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